Footwear Follies Over Winter: Two Tips to Help Your Feet Survive The Chill

Depending on where you live, Winter can actually get quite chilly. You may not be prepared for those overnight temperatures that get below freezing, and you are not used to making sure your feet don't become damaged by this type of cold. These two tips will help to lessen the odds of your feet needing professional attention before spring rolls around.

Wear Bigger Shoes & Thick Socks

One of the best ways to keep your feet dry and warm over the winter is through wearing cosy, thick socks. Choosing 100% wool socks will keep your feet warmer than those socks made using man-man fibres. If you cannot afford thick woollen socks, wear two pairs of thin socks as this traps thermal heat between the layers.

However, wearing thick or layered socks is going to hurt your feet when you try to squish them into regular-sized shoes. Therefore, when you choose closed-in shoes to wear during the winter, purchase one size up from your normal size. This will reduce pressure build up that can lead to issues such as Morton's neuroma or ingrown toenails.

Slipper Choice

You normally choose a pair of slippers based on their soft comfort, but loose slippers worn during the winter can lead to foot problems. Soft slippers can loose their tight fitting quite quickly. Once this happens, you start to shuffle your feet to keep them within the slippers. This shuffling motion pushes your toes up to the end of the slipper, and that reduces the ease with which the blood supply can move through the foot.

Constricted blood supply can lead to damage by the cold such as chilblains because you cannot feel the pain that occurs when your feet get too cold. Chilblains are a minor form of frostbite, and can make your feet feel itchy and develop blisters. These blisters will make walking uncomfortable, and infection can develop if they pop in a non-sterile environment.

If you do develop foot problems this winter due to not being used to dealing with this season, a local podiatrist can help to get your feet back to full health. From medicated creams to blood circulation stimulating massages, they have the skills to make sure that no matter what foot ailment you are suffering from when the cold hits, it is not one that is going to limit your ability to walk, travel or otherwise move around.