How to Find the Best Orthotics for Heel Pain

Heel pain can be debilitating. If you feel a shot of pain every time you take a step, orthotics could help to take the strain off your heels and help your damaged feet to heal. Here are some types of orthotics to consider if you suffer from heel pain.

Heel Cushions

Whether your heel pain is caused by a bruise, a bone spur or an overuse injury such as plantar fasciitis, a heel cushion could help to reduce your pain when you walk. Heel cushions sit inside the back part of your shoe and provide cushioning for your heel, spreading your weight and reducing pain. Although heel cushions can make walking more comfortable, you should try to limit the amount you walk as much as possible to give your injury a chance to heal.

Arch Supports

One of the most common causes of heel pain is plantar fasciitis, which is often caused by running or walking in unsupportive shoes. In this condition, the connective tissue that runs along the arch of your foot becomes stressed, which can lead to pain in the arch or heel. A tell-tale sign of plantar fasciitis is heel pain that feels particularly bad when you get up after sleeping or sitting for a long time. Shoes or insoles that provide arch support can reduce stress on the arch of your foot, allowing plantar fasciitis to heal.

Night Splints

A night splint is another useful appliance for treating plantar fasciitis. Night splints hold the foot in a flexed position, allowing the plantar fascia to heal in a stretched position, so it doesn't stretch or tear when you take your first step in the morning. Sleeping in a night splint could reduce morning heel pain, allowing you to get on with your day without distractions.

How to Choose the Right Orthotic For You

Choosing the right method to treat your heel pain can be tricky, particularly if you are not sure what is causing the pain. Before you start shopping for orthotics, see a podiatrist to find out exactly what is wrong with your foot. Your podiatrist may be able to recommend a particular brand of orthotic devices that would be suitable for your condition, as well as giving you other advice to aid your recovery.

Using Orthotics to Treat Heel Pain

Once you have found the right orthotics for your heel pain, be sure to wear them as often as possible to support your feet. Many people find their heel pain gets worse if they walk barefoot, so it's a good idea to wear supportive shoes even in your home. With the right support, your pain should reduce, allowing you to enjoy walking again.