Foot Problems That Your Podiatrist Could Treat

We all know just how important our feet are to our daily functioning. And, with all the activities you perform from jumping, running, walking and climbing you may naturally develop problems that require immediate attention. The medical practitioner who can help diagnose and treat problems with your lower limbs and feet is known as a Podiatrist.

They are also trained to prevent and rehabilitate deformities by keeping their patients active and mobile. They also treat infections and alleviate pain. Because of their experience when it comes to everything feet, they can give advice on foot care procedures. Some of the common feet problems a podiatry clinic helps treat include: 

Sprains and fractures

Sprains and fractures that affect the ankle or foot are probably the most common injuries podiatrists treat, especially in athletes. Since they also have knowledge and experience in sports medicine, they recommended several foot care procedures to athletes that help them avoid sprain and fractures that can ultimately end their career.

Diabetic neuropathy

People with diabetes are not only prone to blood sugar fluctuations; they can also suffer from a condition known as diabetic neuropathy. This is where the diabetic disease damages the nerves located in the legs and feet, and this makes it difficult for your feet and legs to get enough blood. Without early treatment, diabetic neuropathy can lead to amputation.

Podiatrists prevent diabetic neuropathy from causing more complications by treating the feet in the early stages of diagnosis. They advise diabetic patients to visit a podiatric clinic immediately if they see any callus or sore on the feet. This will help them treat the condition earlier.


Bunions are feet abnormalities, which cause bumps to develop on your large toe and this causes your large toe to turn inward. One of the ways bunions develop is by wearing tight shoes, and this can be quite painful. Also, family history can be another cause of bunions. To prevent the repeated occurrence of bunions, a podiatrist will prescribe a custom-made shoe splint or insert, and this makes any shoe comfortable to wear. 

Ingrown nails

Another common problem that a podiatry clinic treats is ingrown nails. The primary cause of ingrown nails is wearing tight shoes, and this exerts pressure on your nails, which ultimately ends up causing discomfort and pain. A podiatrist will treat this problem by alleviating the pain and offering you proper foot care procedures.

Remember, podiatrists do not only deal with complicated issues, they can also provide feet check-up. This helps them catch issues earlier and treat them accordingly.