What to Know When Your Podiatrist Suggests Orthotics

Having routine visits with your podiatrist may be due to various chronic foot issues. Some of these issues may deal with pain, ongoing tissue breakdown and issues related to foot fungus. When you are visiting your podiatrist regarding ongoing pain or discomfort, the doctor may suggest orthotics to help reduce the pain. If this is mentioned to you, here are some of the things you should know about this treatment option. 

Daily Wear

The key points to remember about orthotics are that they are medically prescribed and are worn daily in your shoes. These are inserts that are modeled off of your foot imprint. They are then adjusted to help with pain, arch-related issues and other chronic issues that relate to your foot pain and inflammation. Your treatment plan will suggest how often you should wear these orthotics and what type of shoes they should be worn with. 

Types Available

When your podiatrist suggests orthotics and you move forward with the suggestion, your doctor will determine which of the three types you need. The three types range from soft to rigid with semi-rigid falling between the other two. The soft level of orthotics helps provide extra support for feet that become painful due to flat or fallen arches. Stability is the key component of the rigid options and can be used for fallen arches or additional foot issues. 


Your podiatrist will take several things into consideration. One of those considerations is the health of your feet. Your podiatrist will not only determine if there are other issues with your feet, such as fungus or diabetes, that could also be contributing to your foot pain. Your podiatrist will take these findings and other considerations such as the type of shoes you wear daily and the type of daily activities you do. This will determine the treatment plan best suited for you. This treatment plan may last for several weeks or be ongoing and altered as needed depending on the severity of your foot condition and related issues. 

If you feel that orthotics may work well for you and you want to move forward with your podiatrist's suggestion, schedule an appointment. The podiatrist will be able to fit you for the right orthotics and begin the prescription order. They will also be able to discuss any other options with you and how they fit into your treatment plan.

Contact a local podiatrist for more info about orthotics