Foot Disorders: Understanding Bunion Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options

There are different problems and disorders associated with foot pain. One of the primary ones that you should consider if you have been experiencing discomfort in your lower extremities is bunions. Basically, a bunion is a disorder that is characterised by a bony protruding feature at the big toe base. It can also affect the little toe, but this is a less common occurrence. The deformity occurs when the joint of the toe is dislocated and pushed outward from the natural alignment.

The Tennis Menace: How Your Podiatrist Can Help Treat Tennis Leg

Playing tennis can do your body a world of good, but its high-impact nature means it can take its toll on your body too, and various sprains and injuries are commonly associated with playing the sport. One of the more well known is commonly referred to as 'tennis leg', and this debilitating injury can put a serious dent in your playing career without some due care and treatment. What is tennis leg?

Important Things to Know About Athletes Foot

Athlete's foot is one of the more common foot conditions. It is a type of skin condition that occurs most often between the toes but can also be found in other areas of the foot. While not a serious condition, it could worsen without proper treatment. Here are some things to know about this condition. Proper Hygiene Does Not Prevent Athlete's Foot While poor hygiene and showering without shoes in a public showers puts you at a higher risk of developing the skin condition, it has very little to do with hygiene on its own.

Found a Lump on the Sole of Your Foot? You Need to Know About Plantar Fibroma

An unexpected lump anywhere on your body can be a cause for concern, and the soles of your feet are no exception. A growth on the sole of one or both of your feet will probably be felt fairly early in its development, simply due to the pressure placed on your feet throughout the course of a day. While any lump should be reported to your doctor as soon as it has been noticed, a lump on the sole of your foot could simply be a plantar fibroma, although it of course needs to be diagnosed by your doctor as such.

Five Issues Children With Flat Feet Experience If the Condition is Ignored

Many toddlers have feet that appear to be flat, and they often grow out of that condition. However, if these kids continue to have flat feet well into their primary school years, that condition can lead to a lot of different issues. If your child has flat feet, here are the issues he or she may face if the issue is ignored: 1. Foot Pain Flat feet in children usually consists of fallen arches.